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Squaw Lake, Jackson County Oregon 2-27-10

Today i went to Squaw Lake for the first time. I stopped at Mckee bridge for worms and a snack, but they were all out of worms so i didnt buy anything, so i went and took a few pictures. I got to Squaw lake around 3pm and fished for a couple hours, had powerbait on one rod and was using a bunch of lures with the other. Had no bites and only seen 2 fish jump the whole time, there were plenty of bugs on the water. It is a beautiful lake but its 7 miles off a beaten up road and there is no stockings there that i know of. Also there are no motors allowed on the lakes so it would be nice to bring a toon or raft too. Next time i go up ill also go down the trail and see the smaller squaw lake. I left with an hour of light so i could try to catch something at applegate lake but i got skunked there too. Here’s the photos

And here is the main Squaw Lake

Last one is of Applegate Lake