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February 3rd and 4th on the Rogue River

Thursday the water was even lower at Denman. I only fished for a couple hours. Lost a few spoons to the bottom and after the 3rd one i called it a day. At one point i thought my skunk had ended but it turned out to be a stick. Wasnt a bad day on the river, was tee shirt weather until the sun went down.

Friday i came back to the Denman Wildlife area. I arrived around 245pm and the water was looking great. It was probably as low and clear as January 11th the day i caught my first steelhead in over 10 years. I got to the same spot i caught that steelhead at 3-4 weeks prior, and even tied on the same color of little cleo that i had caught that steelhead on. After about ten casts into fishing at my favorite hole i hook into what i thought was a snag on the bottom of the river. But this wasnt any ordinary snag, this snag did some head shakes and thats when i knew i had hooked into a steelhead! I fought this steelhead for what id guess about 4 or 5 minutes, it fought really hard, and peeled lots of line.I was finally able to tire it out a bit and beach it up on dry land. I then shoved my hand down its gills and carried it down to where a couple guys were fishing not too far from where i was. I talked with them and we became fishing buddys! He showed me how to bleed the fish and took a few photos of me and the fish. They were using bait, so me being a nice guy i gave them one of my spoons to use. My steelhead turned out to be the only one of the day, they caught some trout, and had some steehlead break them off. So it wasnt too bad of a day 😀 Tight Lines!

8lb 6oz  Wild Steelhead Buck

On the Rogue River we can keep 5 Wild Steelhead a year beginning in February. And only one a day.

I want to end this post by saying this. Luck, Plus Determination, Equals Success!

Thanks for reading and Tight Lines!

Applegate Lake – 1-30-11

Sunday i wanted to kill my skunk, not literally for those that dont know fishing lingo. The day before i made some modifications to my pontoon boat. Installed two rod holders and a basket for extra storage. So i really wanted to get out on the water and give my new additions a try. I got to Applegate lake shortly after noon, there were only 2 other boats on the water, another toon, and a drift boat. The water is really low, i think the lake is at around 20% full. The guy in his toon was fly fishing and said he caught a few smaller trout. Like usually at applegate lake you could see the trout surfacing and jumping. I fished with spoons and spinners mainly, floated power eggs off the bottom for a little and tried some under a bobber as well. And… The skunk lives on. Had some bites but nothing to the boat. I let the wind blow me a good ways across the lake near the campground, i pulled my boat up on shore and did some bank fishing there. I then had to row into the wind all the way back to where i put in at. This was not fun. I guess i should of taken my toon out to a smaller body of water since i hadnt been out rowing since November 5th. Also a anchor would been nice, gonna look into buying/making one. I ended my day by scouting out a few places along the Applegate River to do some steelhead fishing at in the weeks coming. Until next time… Tight Lines!

The last picture was taken at Cantrall-Buckley Park along the Applegate River. I thought it was a pretty cool painting.

Rogue River – 1-20-11

I went down to the river again today, but this time to Denman Wildlife/Tueville area. Its a short ride to this part of the river, only about 7 miles away. The river was really high as i expected it would, water clarity was about a foot or less. I tried to fish my spoons at a few spots along the river, i even tried drifting a warm i found in the water. The water was much too high to be effectively fishing, i guess thats why i was the only one out there fishing today. Oh Well, it was a great day for photos…Until next time. Tight Lines!

Rogue River – 1-18-11

Me and the river met once again but this time exclusively at the Cheif Hole on the far side of Mcgregor Park. I threw just spoons, as im trying to get just this one technique down before trying to learn others. The river was up a little bit from the day before, i wasnt getting snagged on the bottom near as much. I think they were letting extra water out of the dam for some reason. I borrowed a camera until i find out if mine still works, it was off when it took a swim, so im hoping it’ll be good to go. So ill leave you with two pictures of the cheif hole. Next time is looking good though, gonna try different less pressured areas. I cant wait to feel a fish on the new rod. Until then…..Tight Lines!

Rogue River – 1-17-11

Monday I got up and decided to fish the Rogue River in hopes of a Steelhead. The only fishable water right now that isnt too high and brown, is up in between Big Butte Creek and the fish hatchery, approximately 28 miles away from Medford where I live. I got to the Bridge hole around 10am and started tossing my spoons. Didnt hook anything but  i snagged some ones old line and a gold little cleo was on the other end, score! I fished on a old bridge pillar for awhile before deciding go to up river and try a different hole. Before leaving that pillar though i took out a plastic grocery bag and started picking up all the worm containers a monofilament that was all over the hole i was at. I probably picked up atleast a couple thousands yards of mono and  a dozen worm containers, but digging through all that trash i found another spoon and some hooks and swivels and also about a dollars worth of beer cans. I then walked up the river to the Cheif Hole. When i got there i heard some one from across the river yell ” is that you Thobbit Shane?” I yelled back it is I Throbbit Shane. Throbbit Shane is my screen name over at the Oregon Fishing Forum and also a few other websites. Shortly after I met Chad aka The Salmon Kid from OFF and his fishing buddy David, they’re nice kids and i look forward to seeing them on the river again. Me and david threw spinners at the Cheif Hole for awhile i even watched him throw a steelhead jig with no float. They took off after about a hour and i headed to my car not long after they left to go eat lunch. After eating lunch and listening to a little talk radio i drove up to the hatchery. There were about 6 fly anglers standing in the water, and before i got to the water i watched one land a real nice steelhead. I fished below them for a bit with spoons and jigs with out any luck, but the water was much shallower there. Around 4 i decided to try a different spot once again. Casey State Park was my destination, its below the bridge hole and also below where Big Butte Creek dumps into the Rogue River, so the river is a little brown there. I tromped around in the water there until dark tossing spoons. When it was starting to become a little difficult to see i began walking back to where my tackle was on shore and some how my digital camera jumped out of its case that was around my neck, the case was unfortunately unzipped, and luckily the camera didnt get swept down stream. I have the camera in a bowl of rice right now, the rice is supposed absorb the moisture. The photos were saved and im waiting to find out if the camera is ok. but other then that i had a great 7 hours on the river. tight lines!

Rogue River 1-11-11

A new report!!! I hadnt gone fishing since Dec. 5th and that was only for a hour or so, up in Eugene at a private pond for bass, it was too cold!  Tuesday the 11th I needed to get out and do some fishing to get my mind off of the Ducks losing the National Championship. The day before I went to the department of fish and wildlife to turn in my blank 2010 steelhead/salmon tags and to get a key to the Denman Wildlife Area. The Denman Wildlife is a primarily hunting place for ducks and other birds, but there are also a bunch of warmwater ponds, and at the end of the dirt road is the Rogue River, right where Little Butte Creeks dumps in. Unfortunately my batteries died before i got to the river, but i did get some pictures of a couple helicopters doing some kind of practice, and one photo of a pond.

The photo above is one of the ponds, ill fish it this spring/summer for bass. I got down to the river around 230pm and started fishing spoons and jigs near little bute creek. I fished there for a bit and decided to move down the river, i have no idea how to read the water so i just kinda fished it all. At one point a steelhead ran up the river like a pissed off rocket, for a moment i thought i had hooked it with my spoon. I fished a few more different spots until i ended up where Denman Willdlife and Touville State Park meet. I fished there for about 15 minutes before i hooked into my first steelhead in over ten years!! The rod i was using was my dads from the early 90’s, a stiff red Abu Garcia and i had my drag set real tight so i just horsed it in. When i got my first look at and seen it had no fin that’s when i really got excited and walked up the beach and drug it up pretty far. Got my pocket knife out and cut the gills, made a few calls to brag. Then on my next cast i lost the Little Cleo spoon i was using, and for those wondering it was a 2/5 oz Mostly white with a little bit of red. While fishing I had no expectations of catching a steelhead, i primarily wanted to try out the new reel i bought recently a Shimano Symetre. And like the first time i took my pontoon boat out this past summer i had good luck!! A beatiful bright 5lb 26inch hatchery steelhead hen is whats for dinner tonight!  It was a great day on the water topped off with a great fish. One thing that made it a even more specail day was i seen no one on the river except for a otter and some birds. Thanks for reading and tight lines to everyone!