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Camping !!!!!!!!!! part 2

Friday i woke up and set off to see more sights on Highway 138 and the surrounding areas. For those that are not familar with the area Highway 138 runs along the North Umpqua river from the town of Roseburg to Diamond Lake, along the way there are signs that mark different waterfalls and some of them have campgrounds you can stay at. Also the day before i drove to Toketee Ranger station and picked up some maps and pamphlets about the area, one of papers i got was about the hot springs. I woke up ate some bacon and smoked trout, and decided to see a couple more waterfalls that i had drove by yesterday on my way to Toketee lake. The First one was White horse falls, this one has a nice wooden deck that u can walk out on for a good look at the water fall.

This one is Clearwater Falls

This is the top of Clearwater Falls

And this is below Clearwater Falls

I came back and fished Toketee Lake some more.

From what iv read, there is only brown trout in the lake. I didnt catch any though, next time though ill be prepared and have some Tasmanians with me.

I then decided to go to the Umpqua Hot Springs Geologic Area. The trail to the springs is less then a half mile, but part of it is very steep. But first you must cross the North Umpqua on this log.

When you see this you know your there

This was the covered tub, which was nice to keep the cloths dry because while i was there, it hailed, snowed, rained, and then the sun came out.

There are about 6-7 other tubs along the side of the cliff, the North Umpqua river is at the bottom, you can watch it while u soak.

This is a waterfall right down the trail from the hot springs, If i remember right its called surprise falls

On my way home saturday i stopped at the Natural Bridge on the Rogue River

This is the natural bridge, the rogue river runs through old volcanic tubes.

This is what its like above the natural bridge, i should of brought my rod with me.

Camping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went camping Thursday and Friday nights and had a great time 😀 Thursday i drove up to Diamond lake as my plans were to camp there for a night or two and have some epic rainbow trout fishing, those plans changed when i arrived, it was blizzard like conditions. I had lunch in my car and the snow let up enough and i fished for a couple hours in the cold, after defrosting my hands i decided to goto a lake iv never been to that is only about 20 miles away from Diamond and about 2000 ft lower in elevation the lake was Toketee. I camped here for 2 nights and fished around the area and visted the sights, waterfalls and hot springs are such great things 😀

This is Diamond lake, the guys in pontoons were fly fishing and the boats were using power bait, the trout in this lake are HUGE

Another of Diamond

One more of Diamond Lake, in Douglas County Oregon.

This here is Toketee Lake

The Dam at Toketee

This was at the campground, my spot was only about 75 feet from the North Umpqua River, If u go downstream from the Lake here, there is about 38 miles of artifical fly water, too bad i dont know to fly fish yet.

The next two are of the back end of Toketee Lake where the river comes into it

The next set of pictures are of after i fished the lake for a little bit and went off to visit a nearby waterfall by the name of Watson Falls.

Walking up the trail to the falls it is rapids like this pretty much the entire way

Walking up the path i had no idea i was gonna come to such a spectacular falls.

Im posting the pictures in numerical order, also the date is still off on my camera 😀

I ended my Thursday fishing at a nearby lake called Lemolo 2 Forebay

I seen a few fish jump here but couldnt get any to bite

Ill finish this up in another post. Coming up more waterfalls, some hot springs and a natural bridge 😀