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Blogging Again! Version 4.2

Iv decided to take this blogging stuff serious once again. No slacking, anymore. Ill be updating some old post and also adding new post from this past year. Look forward for some really sweet reports, pictures, and videos. And Ill hopefully be doing some contests and other cool stuff, so be ready! So But for now Iv got some good news Id like to introduce my newest sponsor, The Creek Company. Iv been using one of their pontoon boats for about three years. And iv caught many nice fish from it and had many more nice days on the water, whether it be a river, lake or a pond. I contacted them recently about sponsoring me and my fishing adventures and they have decided to do so!

Picture taken at Wickiup Reservoir: Oct. 2012

In other news id like to help promote one my buddies. NorthWest Killers Fishing Is doing a steelhead tournament, called The ChromeDome Challenge. And it starts tomorrow December 1st. and goes through February 31st.  Each month is a separate tournament  and cost $10 a month or $25 for all three months (only if you sign up today!). First place each month is the longest Hatchery Steelhead, grand prize is the longest Hatchery Steelhead for over the 3 month period. Id get in on The ChromeDome Challenge as I have. Just for entering you get a free shirt, also there are prize give a ways even if you don’t  get a top three fish! 

Tight Lines! And good luck to those that enter!