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Saturday and Sunday


Saturday my friend Sunny called me and said he wanted to go fishing, so we went to Applegate Lake. I went fishing with him once last year at applegate lake but he didnt do so well, i caught 4 trout, while he only managed to catch one bluegill. Saturday was much different though he actually caught a trout this time about 8 or so. But i had another one of those days where at times it was hard to keep the trout off the hook, fishing with 2 rods was almost pointless. I caught 25-30 trout, I also caught the biggest that day which we  had a friendly wager on, a few were 13inch fatties. We were catching them on Panther Martin spinners and Worms under a bobber, i also caught a few on a pink Blue Fox spinner. Was a good day of fishing with a buddy i dont see much, he enjoyed it so much we went back the next day on sunday.

This is me and our limits from the day


Sunday we went back to the same spot and got our limits but  this time  my friend Sunny got the biggest, it was a 15 inch beauty, and he actually got it on his salmon rod fishing powerbait on the bottom, i noticed the rod bending and told him he had one on. I knew it had to be a good one or else the rod probably wouldn’t of bent like that. Sunday i probably caught about half as many trout but was still a great day.

This is Sunny gettin the trout ready to go home

Heres the winning trout from Sunday, that trout saved sunny 5 dollars 😀

Didnt take alot of pictures but ill leave u with one more from sunday


Date is still off on the camera 😀 Thanks for stopping by my blog and tight lines to all my fishermen/women out there!