Fishing Adventures

The Senko Bandit

I had the pleasure yesterday of fishing with my buddy Dave in his back yard pond. I must say, fishing private water is some of the best fishing for Large Mouth Bass there is. Dave was throwing primarily top water baits, things like frogs and and a mouse bait, and he had a bass attack his frog shortly after we got there but it didnt stick. I kept my white tube on that I was using the day before on The Umpqua River, and ten or less minutes into fishing I got a really nice bass on it. It started pulling quite a bit of drag so I tightened it up, and soon after that my knot failed on me. I guess yesterday I didnt take my time tying up my knots for the little Smallies we were catching. After that i rigged up a baby bass color senko worm with a sliding weight, texas rigged, which is weedless.

Shortly after this was the result. This fish blew up out of the water and was pretty sweet to see.

The senko is my go to bait for bass, usually in any shade of green.

This one really took me for a ride. Like the other bass this day it did some acrobatics, then I got it near the boat but it decided to go under it bending my rod near the breaking point because it came so close to touching the boat. Dave had a real good time watching all this happen.

I ended up catching a few over three pounds and one or two that was over four. About five that were between one and two  pounds. And I missed quite a few bites as well, plus the big one that broke me off on the tube. I had an absolutely awesome time, catching big bass is super fun. Also ill put my stamp of approval on the baby bass color senkos! Dave missed a couple fish but he still had a great time telling me where the bass were and where to cast to, and most the time when I did cast to where he pointed out Id hook one lol.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!!

2 responses

  1. Those are some nice bass! Great job! Can’t beat the private water, eh?

    June 16, 2012 at 3:25 PM

  2. Reblogged this on Sarah Schmidt Posts.

    September 21, 2012 at 8:22 AM

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