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New Year, New Post, New Direction?

Todays post is the first one on here in a year, it hasn’t been because of a lack of fishing. I can say my passion for writing blog post has come and gone and come back through out the years. But it didn’t help when about a half a year ago my laptop crapped out on me and not even a week later the email address I’d been using for around thirteen years got hacked, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to recover it. That really pissed me off and I stopped spending as much time on the net. I wasn’t sure if id even be able to get back on here and post.


The picture above was taken last summer during my first backpacking journey, a friend and I hiked 23 miles around beautiful Waldo Lake and this was one of the many small unnamed lakes that surround Waldo. Hiking was just one of the fun things I got into last year and hopefully ill be able to share more of the fun stuff iv been up to in the past and future!


Cheers from a Willamette Valley reservoir on Christmas day, the fish didn’t cooperate for us but we did find some nice rocks.

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Colby Pearson – Trick Cast

Trokar hooks which is part of Eagle Claw is doing a competition right now having people post videos online of them self’s doing trick shots with a fishing rod. My good friend and fishing buddy Colby Pearson put together a video that is awesome, sick, dope, out of this world etc etc. In other words it’s pretty dang cool!!!! Iv seen him make some great cast’s just fishing along aside of him but one day we stopped at a pond after a day of fishing and seen him do a cast that is indescribable. If I said the cast he made that day was epic I would be calling it short. But anyways that cast’s wasn’t part of this video but even without it, I can see my friend winning this competition. Enjoy the video. And good luck to Colby!

As always thanks for reading and watching the videos. Tight Lines!

May 29th Bass Video

Long time no post, not that anyone cares. This video is now a little over a month old, iv done a lot of fishing since then but I havent been doing any recording via video. Iv taken a picture here and there since this video, nothing spectacular but im enjoying my time fishing, as you should be if your reading this. 

All six bass from the video were caught on a Reactions Innovation Kinky Beaver soft plastic bait texas rigged with a bullet weight. My buddy Patrick gave me these baits earlier this year, and I must say they are killer baits!! Real fun to fish and they get the bass to bite real good!

As always thanks for reading and Tight Lines!

Couple Recent Bass Fishing Videos

Well I haven’t been in the blogging mood very much lately, iv still been fishing just haven’t taken the time to write about it. Guess that’s the cool thing about video, the words aren’t as important. 

The first two clips and picture on this video were from April 7th fished with my buddy and his grandson.  The rest of the clips and pictures are all from various trips earlier in the year. 

This video was filmed April 16th in my buddies pond. I caught five dinks that day and got four on video. 

BTW both songs have hiphop music playing so you were warned!

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Good Story (Colby Pearson)

This story is brought to you by my good friend and trophy bass hunter Colby Pearson. This young man has more passion for bass fishing then anyone iv ever met. In the Northwest where we live bass fishing isnt quite like other parts of the country, its the step child to Trout, Salmon and Steelhead. I’m not gonna say bass fishing isnt good out here because some places out here is impeccable namely the Umpqua and John Day for Smallies. I’m just gonna get to his story. This fish was caught the beginning of March which is cold water fishing for warm water fish, go figure… lol

All last week I tried to fish, got out Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Something very interesting happens in later Winter/early Spring, in some waters with significant Northern bank access within this state. Fish get shallow. Every February/March for the last few years it seems like the state receives an unusually warm trend for about a week, for many of us, that was last week.

Noting the high on Friday to be in the 60’s, a 10-20 degree difference between most days as of recent, I was on cue for this interesting movement of fish that I’m willing to bet, that most people don’t even know about. I spend Tues & Thurs, observing what I could…Water clarity, quality, movement, what banks received sun and when.

Determining where I needed to be and at what time, I focused my morning waiting above a submerged ledge on Friday. The ledge crests in about 7′, but slopes down to 19-20′, key observations of this ledge included its general position, not only within the reservoir, but in relation to the sun. After an hour I see a fish move up, around 2.5#, I don’t cast at it, but it gives me a restored sense of purpose. The day slowly begins to wind past noon and I adjust my position setting myself on another ledge faced in the opposite corner, NE.

NE corner receives significantly more sun, especially in the noon hours. Like the first spot, I wait hours. Finally around 5pm, I see a black shadow pull up to the crest of the ledge and sit there motionless. Noting this fishes demeanor and activity level, I know it is simply up to sun and progress digesting faster. Watching this fish, I pitch to it and it slowly, passively dissipates from view. It was probably an 8+lbr.

When trophy hunting in the Winter, seeing your quarry can be a dead give away if you can interpret that fishes future movements in relation to coming/going weather patterns.

Many anglers would have thought they had blown their shot right then and there. I get home and get ready for the next day, I know that fish is entirely catch-able and will make one of two moves- it would either push down the ledge positioning itself immediately below on structure elements in the general vicinity, or it would push up even further given ample weather Saturday.

Saturday morning I arrive, see nothing in a significant amount of time, I wait all day.

Finally slightly before I saw the fish the day prior, I see a fish accompanied by two smaller but respectable fish (4&5lbs). The fish was seen two days in a row during the same time frame, a valuable observation shedding light to the hypothesis, that trophy fish are active during specific windows thru-ought the day. Ironic the fish was seen two days in a row during the same time frame?  

Judging that fishes activity level I see its still super lethargic and just hovering slowly like a ghost in the late afternoon sun. I back off, rig and come back to watch. Finally as the day dwindles and I can barely see in the water, the fish moves, slightly faster than previously noted and toward a visible cover element, and ambush point via a point.

Seeing that finally the fish has shifted into a neutral mood, my presentation comes into play. Recognize that fish fish is not in a feeding or aggressive mood, but as the angler I see its my opportunity to present my bait in a manner that appeals to the bass’ senses and predatory habits I visualize that bass’ path toward the point, placing my bait on the eastern slope out of sight I begin slow rolling my swimbait…….nothing.

Adjusting the cast I cast over the point on the western slope, assuming the fish held on the point corresponding with the depth it was cruising my cast subsequently will place my bait on the crest of the point at around the same point the fish is sitting. 

Slow roll, as the bait comes to the crest of the point I slightly hesitate the reel and an ever so slight pop then wind, the second my imparted action ceases, THUMP.

I recall David Dudley once stating something along the lines of.”I try to gather enough information from each catch to write a 1 page write up about the observations regarding that catch”..I truly think that if we all used similar tactics we would become better anglers.

I personally kept a complete log of fish over 5lbs I caught in 2012 from public waters (46), including moon phase, time, spot/setup/ bait etc…It’s a truly valuable document because even with that relatively small # of upper class fish I notice real tangible patterns, and I don’t meant tournament style patterns.

The fish ate a custom rigged swimbait I use to specifically catch giant fish in this type of scenario, I wont go into detail as to what the exact rigging is, dont want to over analyze bait rigging, hehe.

I truly believe this fish would not have eaten another bait no matter how it was presented in the time windows I viewed the fish, no…not even a senko. Not even a similar swimbait, end of story.

Here is the fish:

I hope the time it took to write this story was worthwhile and I can change at-least one persons mind set when thinking about bass and giving them credibility. There’s a lot of big fish to be caught in this state that simply aren’t even believed to exist. They are there.

Big thanks to Colby for putting this on here for me! Look forward to more guest writers on my blog and other good stuff! 

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2012 Video Review

I put together a little video with some of my favorite clips from the past year. I had my Kodak Playsport video camera since around May. Enjoy!

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Blogging Again! Version 4.2

Iv decided to take this blogging stuff serious once again. No slacking, anymore. Ill be updating some old post and also adding new post from this past year. Look forward for some really sweet reports, pictures, and videos. And Ill hopefully be doing some contests and other cool stuff, so be ready! So But for now Iv got some good news Id like to introduce my newest sponsor, The Creek Company. Iv been using one of their pontoon boats for about three years. And iv caught many nice fish from it and had many more nice days on the water, whether it be a river, lake or a pond. I contacted them recently about sponsoring me and my fishing adventures and they have decided to do so!

Picture taken at Wickiup Reservoir: Oct. 2012

In other news id like to help promote one my buddies. NorthWest Killers Fishing Is doing a steelhead tournament, called The ChromeDome Challenge. And it starts tomorrow December 1st. and goes through February 31st.  Each month is a separate tournament  and cost $10 a month or $25 for all three months (only if you sign up today!). First place each month is the longest Hatchery Steelhead, grand prize is the longest Hatchery Steelhead for over the 3 month period. Id get in on The ChromeDome Challenge as I have. Just for entering you get a free shirt, also there are prize give a ways even if you don’t  get a top three fish! 

Tight Lines! And good luck to those that enter!

Good ol’ Pond Fishing

You can probably tell lately iv been really enjoying doing little fishing videos, well here’s another one! This one starts off with me pulling a bass out of a bunch of crap. I caught it on 8lb mono and it went straight for the shit! It got hung up in it for a few minutes and when I finally decided to go over to where the line meets the water I found out the bass was on top of the water! Then its onto some more pond fishing but this time Ted and myself were fishing for carp but caught these squaw and sucker fish instead! Last clip is my friend telling a story about a encounter he had with a ‘friendly’ Nutria. 

Thanks for reading/watching! Tight Lines!!

My First Halibut Trip

Last week I was on one of the Northwest fishing websites that I frequent ( and I seen an open seat posted for Halibut. I haven’t done much ocean fishing let alone Halibut fishing, I knew they are one of the best tasting fish out there so I sent the guy a PM and hoped I would get the seat. He sent me a message with the details and Saturday morning at 530 am I would meet up with him and fish for Halibut out of Newport! I arrived to Newport on Friday the day before, that way I could sleep in a little and make sure I wouldnt miss the 530 departure. I did a little bit of fishing off the jetty but I really didnt know what i was doing so I did more beer drinking then casting.

The Captain Randy was a great guy, he went through all the safety details before heading out. Stuff like how to use the radio, how to deploy the 4 person raft, how not to fire off a flare. It was about 30 miles out to the Halibut fishing grounds, we fished an area that’s called the chicken ranch. After a couple missed bites I ended up bringing in the first Halibut of the day, a tiny one that I didnt know was on there until I brought the whole rig up from over 500 feet down. It was probably about 16 inches and we quickly tossed it back out, so it can be a 50lber some day! After that fish it died down for us quite a bit, but over the radio we heard multiple boats limit out and heading back fairly quickly. We wound up trying drifts in different areas and around 330 in the afternoon it finally paid off!

This is my biggest fish ever caught! A really nice 43 inch and tasty Halibut. I didnt get any footage of me fighting it but I did get some cool video of Steve Fighting his big Halibut, it was just about the same size as mine. I also got video of Miles reeling up a smaller one 32inches and the Captain Randy bringing in one with his electronic reel, but his came unbuttoned right before he got it to the surface. The fishing and the company on the boat was awesome, couldn’t of asked for better people to fish with. The only down side to fishing for Halibut was the fact that they were 500 and 600 feet deep and we were using three and four pound weights, so when we had to reel up to switch spots or do the drift over, it was a reel BITCH. Here’s the video I made, it’s a little long at 8 minutes but I still think its worth the watch.

If you think all fish should be caught and released you should probably not watch this video, the Halibut gets a well deserved beat down by Miles once in the boat! He lost a few expensive rigs to the bottom of the sea, so he let his frustration out on the poor fish. It was a great experience for which ultimately ended up being the best fish iv ever ate!

 The three we ended up keeping, next to the No Bail.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Like always… Tight Lines!!!

The Senko Bandit

I had the pleasure yesterday of fishing with my buddy Dave in his back yard pond. I must say, fishing private water is some of the best fishing for Large Mouth Bass there is. Dave was throwing primarily top water baits, things like frogs and and a mouse bait, and he had a bass attack his frog shortly after we got there but it didnt stick. I kept my white tube on that I was using the day before on The Umpqua River, and ten or less minutes into fishing I got a really nice bass on it. It started pulling quite a bit of drag so I tightened it up, and soon after that my knot failed on me. I guess yesterday I didnt take my time tying up my knots for the little Smallies we were catching. After that i rigged up a baby bass color senko worm with a sliding weight, texas rigged, which is weedless.

Shortly after this was the result. This fish blew up out of the water and was pretty sweet to see.

The senko is my go to bait for bass, usually in any shade of green.

This one really took me for a ride. Like the other bass this day it did some acrobatics, then I got it near the boat but it decided to go under it bending my rod near the breaking point because it came so close to touching the boat. Dave had a real good time watching all this happen.

I ended up catching a few over three pounds and one or two that was over four. About five that were between one and two  pounds. And I missed quite a few bites as well, plus the big one that broke me off on the tube. I had an absolutely awesome time, catching big bass is super fun. Also ill put my stamp of approval on the baby bass color senkos! Dave missed a couple fish but he still had a great time telling me where the bass were and where to cast to, and most the time when I did cast to where he pointed out Id hook one lol.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!!